Learn about the artists that influenced Tim's music

February 18, 2019

Kevin Godley / 10cc

TB Influences

The following is something I wrote for the 10cc fan site regarding Kevin Godley’s involvement on Flowers At The Scene. It contains some sections from other writing I’ve done, but as it gives an overview of my interest in KG’s work,...

January 26, 2016

Peter Gabriel

TB Influences

The following review appeared in Prog Magazine Issue 60 (October, 2015): Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel (4 / ‘Security’) Like Kate Bush’s equally brilliant The Dreaming (released only 7 days after PG4), Peter Gabriel’s fourth solo...

January 12, 2016

David Bowie

TB Influences

In selecting the Album Notes inspirations, I’ve partly been guided by what I feel I can say something interesting about. With some artists, there’s just too much to say. Their careers are so complex and diverse that I find it difficult t...

July 27, 2014

King Crimson

TB Influences

The following is a slightly modified version of Tim’s introduction for Luigi Ametta’s A Black Bible –  King Crimson discography from 2000: For me it all started when a friend of mine placed me on an uncomfortable chair and forced me t...

February 10, 2013

Scott Walker

TB Influences

The following comprises Tim’s review of Bish Bosh and an unedited and expanded version of Tim’s contribution to a Scott Walker article by Dom Lawson. Both appear in Prog magazine‘s issue # 33 What was so remarkable about those first four...

May 8, 2011


TB Influences

I first came across Radiohead on late night TV in 1993. They were on a show called The Beat performing a song called Creep. Unknown at the time, I felt both the track and the band represented a uniquely arty British take on the Pixies lo...

April 24, 2011

Beautiful Songs You Should Know

TB Influences

In response to the song of the same name, one of the more pleasant frequently asked questions from the Schoolyard Ghosts promotional interviews was, “What are the beautiful songs we should know?” Each time the question was asked, I gave...

August 28, 2010

Peter Hammill

TB Influences

Overview: Although his music has audible roots in non-Blues singer-songwriter and avant garde Classical styles, Peter Hammill is one of those exceptional musicians who seemed to come out of nowhere fully formed. Even on his 1969 debut wi...

December 13, 2009

Roy Harper

TB Influences

The following is an unedited version of part of the interview that appeared in the December 2009 issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog (in which Tim was asked about the influence of Roy Harper): Overview: Given his artistic and chart succe...