Heaven Taste 12″

May 3, 2016

Heaven Taste 12″

Heaventaste2016A 140g 12″ vinyl version of no-man’s 1992 piece Heaven Taste on Finnish underground label Sähkö is now available to buy.

Featuring Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn, the original 21 minute instrumental was championed by the likes of influential Ambient Techno DJ Mixmaster Morris.

Fusing Ambient with Art Rock and highlighting the distinctive fretless bass of Mick Karn, this edition contains a 2016 Steven Wilson edit of the original mix and an inventive Jimi Tenor ‘rearrangement’ featuring additional flutes and orchestral keyboards.

Lovingly mastered at 45rpm for maximum quality.

A 42 minute five track download EP will be available on the day of release featuring further mixes from Tin Man, Nasty Boy and Bastian Wegner.

Buy from the band’s official store.