26th November

November 26, 2003

In between bouts at the studio with Mixmeister Modo and Markus, I’ve been wandering around the streets of central Hanover.

Everything’s Christmas light pretty and incredibly relaxed. The old town, City Hall and mainline station are ornately attractive in a traditional German style and over the next couple of days, I’m looking forward to seeing Lord Chilvers future residence, the wonderfully named, Herrenhausen (roughly translated, The House Of Lords).

The staggering number of Currywurst stalls and restaurants begins to frighten me.


The music’s going well, but very slowly. Tracks such as ‘To The Other’ and ‘Strange Survival’, which have always suggested they could be both moving and sonically interesting, are finally realising their potential. If the finished album lives up to its promise, it should document significant developments from ‘The Scent Of Crash And Burn’ EP and prove the most emotionally complete work we’ve done to date.


Tonight’s Coupland backdrop is the underrated, and admittedly inconsistent, John Lennon album, ‘Walls And Bridges’. ‘#9 Dream’ floors me for the hundreth time.