24th November

November 24, 2003

Along with Markus (in his furious Frank from ‘Blue Velvet’ mode), I arrive in Hanover for four days of mixing and recording for the new Centrozoon album.

We’ve agreed loosely on what’s staying and what’s going and at this point, have enough material to fill three very different albums.

The one we’re currently working on contains the material which defiantly slips between the cracks of the more extreme and and the more accessible elements of what we do. For me, this consists of the majority of our best work together.


After a meal in a mighty fine Deutsche Indian restaurant (also populated by fellow Brit Paul Weller and entourage), we return to the studio (known primarily for its links with Metal bone-crunchers, Helloween).

Sans fright-wig and make-up, I play out the rest of the evening in a distinctly un-Rawk fashion, reading Douglas Coupland’s new novel (the exquisitely sad, ‘Hey Nostradamus’), while listening to Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’.

It comes as no surprise that I’m not on the guest list for the forthcoming Bollock Brothers visit to the city.