23rd November

November 23, 2003

A joint Centrozoon performance with Einslive DJ , Klaus Fiehe, was probably the worst trio gig in memory.

Playing to a crowd more interested in talking, dancing, smoking and drinking than listening to music is always difficult.

We didn’t go down or play particularly badly, but overall, it felt like we were constantly banging our collective head against a giant, inflexible bratwurst (a regular problem in Westphalia).


Tonight’s (very pleasant) lunatic came in the form of a 21 year old German man who was staring at my hair and profile intently, while repeatedly telling me how British I look (a cross between Ronan Keating and Alan Shearer, apparently!).

I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or a damn hard kick in my extremely English bollocks.

As one, particularly nasty, German expression for the English is ‘Island Apes’ (‘Inselaffen’), I opted for the latter.