23rd April

April 23, 2003

Three days in and the word rehearsing has become alien to the Lord and myself. The words ‘food’ and ‘CDs’, however, find us in a frenzy.

Peter takes to the staggering variety of restaurants on offer like a duck to water, or Homer Simpson at an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. A large bucket of mussels on the hour, every hour, keeps Lord C in the style to which he’s rapidly becoming accustomed to.

As for the scourge of SARS, it’s everywhere in the media and nowhere on the streets. No-one wears masks and no-one seems concerned. The comedy clubs and cinemas we’ve visited are full, the shops are active. Our gracious host Diane deliberately develops a hacking dry cough, but so far, Charlton Heston and his zombie pursuers are nowhere to be seen. I believe Styx may have had a good time.

A nice interview at the mighty CIUT with Feedback Monitor’s Greg Clow.