22nd April

April 22, 2003

After a relaxed, romantic break in the surprisingly beautiful city of Brussels, it’s a hectic afternoon at home followed by a gruelling 16 hours of travelling and waiting which eventually finds myself and Lord Peter in SARS Central, Toronto.

The Bowness/Chilvers Blues Explosion are all geared up to send some unsuspecting Canadians to sleep with their mesmeric blend of lullaby lilt and Ambient Shock Rock. Good timing, as ever. Styx and Elton John have cancelled, but not us!

The small number of guards and travellers at Pearson International suggests that everybody in Toronto is dead and that perhaps Elton John and The Omega Man got it right. Regardless, courtesy of my ‘polite’ Englishness, I narrowly avoid anal cavity search.

NB Never say ‘musician’ at an airport security check-out.