21st October

October 21, 2003

Amidst interminable bouts of singing ‘Angel Of Berlin’ and playing intensely competitive games of bar football (England 10 Germany 3, in case you’re wondering), Centrozoon actually managed to perform as part of the ‘Nine Teeth’ art exhibition.

An underground ‘art happening’ that part resembled Andy Warhol’s Factory in its 1960s heyday, while also evoking a run-down community centre in Halifax, the assembled audience comprised an odd mixture of Berlin trend-meisters (founder of the famous ‘Love Parade’, Dr Motte and ex-members of Einstürzende Neubauten), burnt-out drug casualties and an army of teenagers more interested in playing pool than sampling the multiple artistic delights on offer.

Filmed by a local cable company, the performance was a confident fusion of the power of Wednesday’s Scheck-In gig and the experiments of the previous week’s Martin Luther Church event, but was marred by a lifeless sound and a slightly cold and analytical atmosphere. We were after all, an exhibit amongst exhibits.

Unusual post-gig chats and a three in the morning walk around the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, added to the slightly surreal nature of the day.

‘Ten versions of a dream.’