14th October

October 14, 2003

Designed as a means of linking the disparate sites containing information about the various musical projects I’m involved with, another addition to the senseless clutter along the information highway comes in the form of the brand new www.timbowness.com.

An intentionally simple Flash Media free zone, there’ll be no pop-up menus, audio samples, or images of me with a lizard tongue intermittently emerging from my all-singing mouth.

A pity, really.


The recording of Sunday evening’s ‘ambient’ Church performance turned out as well as we’d hoped.

So much so that by the end of the week, there should be an edited version available for free download from www.centrozoon.de.

An effective balance of the composed and the improvised, as always it was the unplanned sections which provided the bulk of the highlights as well as most of the moments I’d rather forget.


My Summer duets with Italian singer Alice were finally released on October 9th as part of her new album ‘Viaggio In Italia’.

As I’ve not yet heard the album, I can’t say for sure whether our versions of King Crimson’s ‘Islands’ and Syd Barrett’s ‘Golden Hair’ are more Rene And Renatto, or Nick Cave with PJ Harvey.

The album reached number 24 on the Italian charts. Book my place on ‘Hitparade’ now!