12th September

September 12, 2003

Seems like old times (parts 1 to 5):

The long, long journey into London, the crush and rush of the sweat-drenched underground and the familiar business discussed with familiar faces in all too familiar spaces. Not to mention the expectedly obscene bulge in our bags as myself and Mr Wilson left for home with approximately twice our body weight in free CDs.

Like starving kids in the candy shop from Heaven, we greedily grabbed all we could carry. Echoes of the past mingled with essence of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory as a temporary madness took hold.

Charging through dimly lit towns and invisible countryside on the late-night train home, some things, I reflected, never change.


Despite a last minute attempt to stop the meeting and the potential reissue programme by a rival company, the No-Man/One Little Indian face off was both pleasant and productive. Hopefully the mutual enthusiasm on display will result in reissues of ‘Flowermouth’ and ‘Loveblows And Lovecries’ that actually look as if some care and attention have been lavished on them.

As these are albums that we don’t own, it’s previously been difficult for us to totally dictate the way the albums have been issued and presented, but the deal under discussion will allow us complete artistic control to package and compile the albums as we’d like.

Beware, the metallic-blue sandpaper vinyl miniature of ‘Flowermouth’ awaits!

music of the moment:
rather inevitably, Bjork’s Family Tree and Livebox

‘every day, a different colour in her eyes.’